The Wall

“Even in Europe, refugees across the sea have lost their lives, and many tragedy, including terrorism, has occurred. I think the world has come to seriously face the tragedy caused by such oppression, poverty and violence. Will do its best for that. "
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President Trump's administration has promised that prototypes for a wall to be built all along the US-Mexico border will be delivered by the end of summer. But will a wall stop people smuggling and drug trafficking?  --BBC News

"Stand up, Wall Massacre"

"Save the world's refugees!"
"Let's create a country where children can live safely and peacefully"

The Wall

The border between the United States and Mexico. Refugees from Cordova, the poorest country in South America, walk towards the U. S. They are called "caravans". The U.S president refuses them entrance into the country by using armed forces. In the midst of the confrontation between soldiers and refugees at the border, one gunshot reverberates in the tense air. The refugees take the shot as a sign and rush the border, and the soldiers start attacking. As a result, hundreds of refugees become casualties. This was called "The Wall's tragedy" or “Tragedy at the Wall” and was reported all over the world. Since that tragedy, refugees from Cordova stopped trying to enter the U.S. and the U.S. is criticized for the deaths of so many refugees.

"I love my country too. I want to create a safe and rich country for my children that doesn't have to run away."

The refugee “Caravan” of Cordoba, the poorest country in South America, is approaching the American border. The US president tries to reject them with the power of the military. Soldiers and refugees greeted each other, and a single gunshot sounded in tight air. Refugees and soldiers clashing with them clash, and a tragedy occurs in which hundreds of casualties are injured. It was called the “Wall Tragedy” and was reported to the world. The United States was accused of this, and refugees from Cordoba ceased.

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"They asked the president to build a <new Cordoba>. It was a country that did not require children to abandon their homeland. The president was strongly moved.

But now the president cannot interfere with other countries using the military.
American youth cannot be endangered in other countries' wars.
There are many people in the world who hate American intervention. So the president asked John. ''

“To avoid that, it is necessary to build a new nation. To prevent new dictators, we must do freedom, democracy, and economic independence. That is the new war, this plan.”
"I don't think it's going to work. You're not a politician. You're an engineer and a manager. Companies and countries are different."

North America, Mexico, and Latin America are on land. The southern United States and Mexico have similar climates and geology, but there are economic differences. Some people illegally flow into the United States seeking jobs.
Illegal immigrants take the work of US citizens and commit crimes.
Based on that idea, the former president made a wall on the border. But there are people who cross the wall and enter the United States. The root cause is economic disparity and political instability.
Then, it is better to stabilize the countries than to build walls. For Cordoba, it destroys drug organizations and frees the public from fear and violence. Eliminate the dictatorship government.
Up to now, the United Nations and the United States were able to do so. As a result, new
Power appears and causes further confusion.
But John and others show the ideal Cordoba. If they succeed
It will be a model for the future.

"For those who want to build a country that does not have to run away for children, speak out."

John is preparing for a new nation. The leading role must be the people of Cordoba, Antonio and Louis.
“It is a new country creation that makes full use of AI. An industry that uses and develops geopolitical conditions such as topography, resources, and climate, and population, population composition, education level, past history, and current industry and industry. , Immediately knowing suitable agriculture, necessary transportation, lack of infrastructure, etc. Possible shape of the country is presented. "
Explained by economist Dr. Samuel. This is a new country building.

“When I heard this plan from you, I thought it was reckless. An individual sent mercenaries to overthrow a nation's government. The US president was obsessed with obvious internal interference. If this plan leaked to the media, The president was forced to resign, but when I actually met the president and listened to Sebastian, I thought he had to be successful, and Cole may be able to regain his life, each doing everything.
John thinks while listening to Stuart's words.

“I, President of the United States, Robert Taylor, will remove the border wall with Mexico.
People have their homeland. It is a country where ancestors create it, grow up, and live with their families. The inability to continue living in that country with pride is the greatest tragedy. ''

“This incident has generated a lot of misunderstandings. We don't spend a lot of time to eliminate them.
I promise to meet with the heads of countries in Latin America and seek the best of each other. At the same time as the walls separating the borders, the walls of mind are removed. ''

“Even in Europe, refugees crossing the sea have died and tragedy, including terrorism, has occurred.
The time has come to seriously face the tragedy caused by tyranny, poverty and violence. America will do its best for that. ''
Patricia is applauding hard. In response, applause also occurred between the room staff and the TV crew.

Stage of the work

The Republic of Cordoba is a small country about 100 square kilometers located in the north of Central America. It faces the Caribbean Sea and has several islands. The population is only 8 million people. It became independent from Spain in the late 1800s. The official language is still Spanish and the capital is La Paz. GDP is less than 20 billion dollars, which is almost the same economic scale as Tottori Prefecture. It is the poorest country in Central America and is designated by the IMF as a heavy debt poor country. Although it is a republic with the president as its head, the political situation is unstable.
 In 2010, the president of the time declared a referendum on the constitutional amendment aiming at the lifetime president, but the military part couped on the day of the vote, and Jose Cortes, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, took office as the interim president. Since then, the dictatorship by Jose has continued. The military has 12,000 troops, of which 7,000 are armed. Defense spending is about $ 300 million annually.

“I am the president of the United States, Robert Taylor. I have decided to remove the walls of the Mexican border. It is a great tragedy for people to leave their homeland and become refugees and illegal migrants.A person has a motherland. It is a country where ancestors create it, grow up, and live with their families. The biggest tragedy is not being able to live with pride in our homeland. ''

“This incident has generated a lot of misunderstandings. We must eliminate this misunderstanding in a long time.I promise to meet with heads of countries in Latin America to find the best solution. I will do my best to remove not only the border walls but also the heart walls. ''