<Refugees from Cordoba are flooding the wall. They departed the homeland a month ago. They walked a long distance. Child, female, old man. At first, they were a group of 1000 people. The surrounding Mexicans joined them and now they are over 5000 people. There are 500 American soldiers. American soldiers have guns. Refugees are not afraid. They are heading towards the walls.>

A helicopter was flying above the sky. Reporters are on live broadcast. The situation was extremely tense.
On the border between the United States and Mexico, a wall 10 km long has been built. Height 5 meters. It is called "The Wall".

<Cordoba is a country in Latin America. Currently, many people are running away from Cordoba. The cause is the tyranny by President Josez and the atrocities of San Pedro, a drug organization. This year, asylum seekers exceeded 10,000 people. The President of the United States will not let them enter. The US military stops their entry. Polar right powers support the president.>

The altitude of the helicopter fell.
The US military is guarding the walls of the border. The commander is Captain Cole. He pulled the radio off his ear.
Forward, there is a border barrier. He looked at the desert on the Mexican side.
In the desert, a sight like refugee camp spread. Refugees have been living in the desert for three days. That number increased.
The sun rises. The desert is dyed red and innumerable refugee populations are hiding.

<The caravan started camping three days ago. Today, they may cross the border>

It gets brighter, a heavy groan echoes. Black shadow. It is a group of new refugees.
Young soldiers get nervous. They set up guns for refugees.

"Take off the trigger. They have no guns, so calm down."

Cole told the soldiers.
A black herd advances toward the wall.
Refugees arrives at the wall. They are overwhelmingly larger than the number of soldiers.

<The first group of caravans climbs the wall >

The radio streams an excited voice.

"Everyone, mask the mask, shoot tear gas"

Cole orders. Tear gas was fired. But in desert wind, gas flows into the US side.
An angry flies over. Many refugees run toward the wall. Refugees start climbing the wall. The soldiers are upset.
One gunshot. A momentary silence.
With that signal, the soldiers' shooting began. Sound of automatic rifle.
Cole screams to stop shooting. But he can not hear his voice being screamed and drowned by anger. The soldiers are confused and continue to shoot. An evasive refugee. Children and women were mercilessly exposed to shootings.

"Stop shooting."

Cole shot a gun at the sky behind a soldier. The shooting stopped.
The soldiers return to me and are stunned.
Silence. Hundreds of casualties were lying in front of the wall in ten minutes.
Crying, groaning voice, cry similar to scream.
Extraordinarily crying.
One of the refugees, Fernandes, is giving a high five - year - old daughter to the border wall. His daughter was shot at the head.

"My daughter was killed by America, I swear revenge."

At his feet, his wife Radia lies bleeding from his chest and belly.
Cole stared at the sight scantily.
There were 85 dead and 358 injured. 
" The tragedy of the border barrier " was live broadcasted to all over the world.
Everyone accused the US government. Cole was beaten as "border wall slaughter" "commander of massacre".

Cole appeared at the military conference. But Colonel Stuart, his old superior officer, took into consideration. Cole quit the military and escaped sin.

White House. President Taylor 's approval rating dropped from 52% to 37%. Only a day, plummet by 15%. 
The reason for doing so was to emphasize that refugees were not included in full power.
Taylor received the shock mostly because he was twained by his 12 year old daughter "I disliked daddy".

Cordoba 's dictator, President Josez was calling on the people.
"Do not run away from the country, I will be killed by America, your country is here."

Since then, there are no citizens escaping Cordoba.

"The Wall" by Tetsuo Takashima


Chapter 1  Desert War-room

Chapter 2 Road to Cordova

Chapter 3 Revolutionary Army

Chapter 4 Recapture

Chapter 5 Battle

Chapter 6 Counterattack

Chapter 7 To Lapaz

Chapter 8 Last Battle