[ Main Character ]


Derek Green (32)
Lieutenant of the former US federal army. He suffered a lot of casualties due to his lack of leadership, and he was blamed for self-reprove. He left the army and parted with his family.

Robert Taylor (53)
President of the United States of America. He placed military and numerous casualties came out, accused by a young girl.

Lewis Escobar (67)
He is a political prisoner in Cordoba. A noble character.

Penelope Escobar (35)
Lewis' daughter. There is a feud between her and her father, and the two have not met for years. She is asked to contact her father and takes on it. And while she meets and talks with her father, she learns about his beliefs.

John Clark (35) 
He is CEO of IT company. Have unusable money. He was planning to retire, but asked the president to make a big plan. He has lost his wife and son in a suicide bombing in Europe.

Jose Cortes (56)
Cordoba's dictator.

Hernandez (32) 
A man who lost his child in the tragedy of Wall.

Antonio (28) 
Exiles from Cordoba. His family were all killed. He wants to save the country anyway and acts with Derek.

Adan Solano
A new special investigator. Born in New York University Law School. He is a second-generation immigrant from Chile, and the “Wall Tragedy” cannot be thought of as someone else.

Vanessa Smith
Adan's boss. She leads Adan, but begins an investigation based on his findings.

"THE WALL" by Tetsuo Takashima

[ Theme ]

"Patriotism" "Strong Atonement" "New War, The reconstruction of a nation"

[ Plot ]

The border between the United States and Mexico. Refugees from Cordova, the poorest country in South America, walk towards the U. S. They are called "caravans".
The U.S president refuses them entrance into the country by using armed forces. In the midst of the confrontation between soldiers and refugees at the border, one gunshot reverberates in the tense air. The refugees take the shot as a sign and rush the border, and the soldiers start attacking. As a result, hundreds of refugees become casualties.
This was called "The Wall's tragedy" or “Tragedy at the Wall” and was reported all over the world. Since that tragedy, refugees from Cordova stopped trying to enter the U.S. and the U.S. is criticized for the deaths of so many refugees. 
The U.S press condemns Captain Derek, who was the commander of border defense, and gives him the title of "A bloodthirsty commander". He takes responsibility and resigns from the military..
A year later, Derek divorces his wife and is also separated from his child. He returns to his hometown in CA and works as a physical laborer to earn child support. His ex-wife often blames him for falling behind on his child support.  
One day a letter arrives for Derek.  There is an airplane tickets and a checks for $100,000 dollars inside. The letter says, "If you accept my offer, I would pay you an additional  $500,000."
When Derek gets off the plane at the Nevada airport, a limousine is waiting.
The car takes Derek to a dilapidated hotel in the desert.  Inside of the hotel, however, is a state-of-the-art battle command center or war room. The leader of the War Room is John, he is the CEO of the world’s largest technology company, named "Tech”. There are experts in economics, politics, psychology, communications, etc., assembled. John received a secret command from the U.S. President and under a secret-executive order, has been rebuilding Cordova.
There is a plea from the citizens of Cordova for the U.S. to save the country.
John asks Derek to command the operation “on site." To train the resistance organization of Cordova, defeat the dictator Jose, bring down the drug organization and rescue the leader, Lewis, from the concentration camp.
At first, Derek refuses the offer, until he meets a man named Antonio whose family was killed and ran away from Cordova. After hearing Antonio’s story, he changes his mind and accepts the offer from John. 
"I also love my country, I want to make it safe and prosperous for my children" Antonio says. 
Meanwhile, Ted, a new investigator at the FBI, is watching the pictures of "The Wall's Tragedy". Ted finds something suspicious in the images that shows that the first gunshot was fired from within the refugees.  
Derek sneaks into Cordova with mercenaries and makes contact with the local resistant organization and begins training them. There is also Fernandez who lost his daughter at the border. He holds a deep grudge against Derek.
With cruel prison life, the leader, Lewis loses hope, and thinks to himself, "A lot of people who followed me were killed, and I have seen enough bloodshed." 
City life in Cordova is chaotic and during this time of confusion Derek infiltrates the capital city and meets Penelope, Lewis' daughter. Penelope is a doctor and also a university professor. She is well known and liked among the people of Cordova. Therefore, Jose cannot mess with or harm Penelope. Penelope blames her dad, Lewis, for her mom’s unfortunate death and hasn’t talked to her dad for years. 
Derek asks Penelope to persuade Lewis to fight as a leader once again. 
In the desert War Room, John is leading his own battle.
Under the leadership of John, they carry out a mission to steal huge amounts of money  from Jose and the drug organization.
The funds will be used to rebuild Cordova after the revolution. 
At the FBI, Ted finds the American soldier who first fired at the border. The soldier got a lot of money from someone in Cordova. Ted is convinced that "The Wall Tragedy" was not an accident.. 
In Cordova, due to some misinformation that Derek fed the Government, the drug organization and the Cordovan Government began to fight each other. The drug organization is destroyed and the Cordovan government forces also suffer great losses.
Derek infiltrates the concentration camp with Penelope and succeeds in rescuing Lewis. However, while returning from the jungle, their communication is disrupted by an outsider in the war room. Furthermore, they are isolated and separated from the resistance stronghold and other resistance soldiers. In fact, the resistance fell apart and is no longer a functioning unit. When they are surrounded by enemies, a helicopter from an American aircraft carrier sailed around and came to rescue Derek and his companions. Derek and his companions escape successfully.
It was John who made a fake order to the US Navy and rescued them.
Derek is attacked by the survivors of the drug organization while returning to the base.
He becomes critically wounded, but Fernandez saves his life. 
With the help of Fernandez, Derek gets the weapons which the drug organization had hidden.
At Jose's official residence, a party is held to show off his power. Derek makes a raid into Jose’s official residence and removes Jose from power as dictator of Cordova. Lewis dies while fighting. His death weakens the spirits of the resistance. Penelope declares a temporary government and states that she will follow her father and will become the leader of the temporary government. Derek promises to have a reunion with Penelope, and leaves Cordova.